Our Mission

We are creating an inclusive, popular campaign to fight for a Green New Deal for Israel and to spearhead a comprehensive change in the public perception of the climate crisis and its influence on our lives.

We all dream of a more secure future for our children and we all have the right to a better life and a healthier environment. We can realize this dream: a country that invests in public works and in new fulfilling jobs; a country that provides economic, social and occupational security to all; a country that invests in its human capital to strengthen the local economy; a country that reaches 100% self-sufficiency in clean green energy that doesn't harm our health, its workers or our environment and a future without climate distress. A Green New Deal for Israel will allow for all of that.

Our Principles

A political message: an analysis of the climate crisis from a political standpoint. Our platform and campaign present our demands from decision-makers and not from private individuals. We do not deal with consumer choices.

A message of hope: the climate crisis is an opportunity to organize for a change for the better for all of us.

A local message: our story is part of Israel's reality and the local consequences of the climate crisis and the issues that affect us on the local, national and global levels.

A radical message: our interpretation of just transition is a challenge and a call for change from the present political and economic system.

An inclusive message: We focus on a comprehensive change of the system for the good of the vast majority of the people rather than technical solutions to specific problems.

A bilingual message: We strive to write materials distributed in both Arabic and Hebrew.

Our Pillars

  1. Support for global climate justice: the climate crisis is a global crisis and the solutions proposed in the Green New Deal for Israel must reflect both local and global solidarity; they can not be based on the exploitation of populations or resources in other parts of the world.
  2. Investment in the future: a Green New Deal for Israel is more than a plan for environmental adaptation, but rather an investment in the future of our society and an opportunity to imagine and create a new future in which all of society and not just the private sector benefits from technological developments.
  3. The promise of good jobs: a Green New Deal for Israel must provide fulfilling work for all.
  4. A better standard of living: a Green New Deal for Israel will create public wellbeing instead of private wealth by establishing conditions that promote quality of life.
  5. Empowerment: the people and their communities must be empowered to make decisions that will hold their future and ensure the rights of workers to organize and influence their workplace.
  6. Acceptance of the enormity of the challenge: we must strive for an economy that flourishes while curbing consumption. Such an economy requires a radical change from the present economic system.
  7. Harnessing underutilized resources for the common good: public institutions must promote the social and economic changes needed to overcome the environmental crises with investments from sources that will not adversely affect the average citizen.
  8. Abandoning the belief in unfettered growth: we must stop using GDP growth as the measure of happiness and instead adopt measures of human progress – health, spiritual wellbeing and sustainability.